Definitions Edit

Programming Edit

Assertion is

[a] logical expression specifying a program state that must exist or a set of conditions that program variables must satisfy at a particular point during program execution.[1]

Security Edit

An assertion is

[a] statement from a verifier to a relying party that contains Identity information about a subscriber. Assertions may also contain verified attributes. Assertions may be digitally signed objects or they may be obtained from a trusted source by a secure protocol.[2]

Overview (Security) Edit

Assertions can be used to pass information about the claimant or the e-authentication process from the verifier to a relying party. Assertions contain, at a minimum, the name of the claimant, as well as identifying information that permits recovery of registration records. A relying party trusts an assertion based on the source, the time of creation, and attributes associated with the claimant.

Assertions may be stored as directory or database objects. Where assertions are digitally signed objects, their integrity may be verified.

References Edit

  1. Auditing and Financial Management: Glossary of EDP Terminology, at 2.
  2. NIST Special Publication 800-63, at 4.

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