Overview Edit

Effective June 1, 2013, the U.S. Army initiates the transformation of the Antiterrorism Operations and Intelligence Cell (ATOIC) to the Army Threat Integration Center (ARTIC) to integrate, fuse, analyze, and disseminate all-source threat information for commanders and force protection (FP) official at all levels in order to provide shared situational awareness, enable effective risk-based decisions, and protect Army personnel, assets, and information worldwide.

Upon reaching full operating capability, March 31, 2014, the ARTIC will serve as the Army's global threat information sharing hub, focused on internal and external threats, providing real-time support for current operations. The essential tasks for the ARTIC mission include:

Establishment of the ARTIC also will provide the following functional capabilities:

Source Edit

  • "Army Threat Integration Center" (May 21, 2013) (full-text).

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