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Overview Edit

The U.S. Army Net-Centric Data Management Program

[e]stablishes policy, guidance, and instruction about the set of data standards, business rules, and data models required to govern the definition, production, storage, ownership, and replication of data.[1]

The ANCDMP addresses data standards creation and implementation as it applies to automated systems, applications, data exchanges, databases, record and document management, and information presentation within and across warfighting and business systems.

The ANCDMP facilitates the dissemination and [exchange of information]] among organizations and ISs throughout the Army, DOD, and the Federal Government. The ANCDMP implements the information standards portion of the DISR and the DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy. Net-centricity is dependent upon the ability to locate and retrieve information and services regardless of where they are stored. A common data management strategy is essential to allowing authorized users to access required information.[2]

References Edit

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