Definition Edit

Army Knowledge Management is

[t]he Armywide strategy to transform the Army into a network-centric and knowledge-based force to improve information dominance by our warfighters and business stewards. It includes, but is not limited to, improving processes, technology and work culture to collaborate, catalog, store, find, and retrieve information, and share this with joint, coalition, and international partners as mission needs dictate.[1]

Overview Edit

The goals of AKM are —

(1) Adopt governance and cultural changes to become a knowledge-based organization.
(2) Integrate KM and best business practices into Army processes to promote the knowledge-based force.
(3) Manage the infrastructure as an enterprise to enhance efficiencies and capabilities such as collaborative work, decision-making, and innovation.
(4) Institutionalize AKO/DKO as the enterprise portal to provide universal and secure access for the entire Army.
(5) Harness human capital for the knowledge-based organization.[2]

References Edit

  1. AR 25-1, at 115.
  2. Id. at 2.

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