Overview Edit

The Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC) was established by Executive Order 89-24 as Arizona's primary forum and oversight group for geographic information and geographic information technology issues and coordination efforts. In 2009, AGIC was established in legislation.[1]

AGIC identifies standards, development and implementation strategies to provide a framework in order to optimize the State's investment in geographic data and technology. Through cooperation and partnerships AGIC facilitates the acquisition, exchange and management of geographic information and technology for the State of Arizona to benefit state agencies and the Arizona GIS community. AGIC meets on a regular basis and conducts an Annual GIS Conference to address and coordinate statewide geographic information and technology issues, requirements and solutions.

References Edit

  1. Changes to Arizona Revised Statutes Title 37 modernized the original statutory language. ARS 37-173 emphasized enterprise GIS, ARS 37-178 introduced language to enhance geospatial data sharing, and ARS 37-177 established AGIC in statute.

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