Citation Edit

OECD, Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy, Approaches to Content on the Internet (DSTI/ICCP(97)14/FINAL) (Aug. 7, 1999) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This inventory report aimed at reviewing the existing legislation and practices in Member countries concerning Internet content issues and gathering the views of the different actors involved. In many Member countries these approaches are still in the process of being developed, in light of evolving technologies, and in consideration of work under way in the public and private sectors. As a consequence, the report represents a “snap-shot” view of OECD Member States approaches to content on the Internet, as reported by Member countries as of mid-1998.

Furthermore, the Inventory focuses on the Internet within the context of the broader network environment; however, it is recognized that the nature of the Internet as it is known today may change significantly with technological advances in the years ahead.

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