Overview Edit

The Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council (ATAC), as mandated by the U.S. Attorney General, is composed of federal, state and local agencies involved in law enforcement, public health, emergency planning and response, the military and the intelligence community. It also has members from the private sector, predominantly those involved in the security of their facilities.

The ATAC serves to:

  1. facilitate intelligence and information sharing among federal, state and local authorities and with relevant private sector participants. (Intelligence and Information Sharing component);
  2. prevent and disrupt terrorism activity within the state through aggressive investigation and prosecution. (Investigation/Prosecution component);
  3. assure that the organizational structure and plans exist to effectively prepare for, and respond to, any future terrorist incidents in the state. (Emergency Preparedness and Response component); and
  4. provide relevant training to its members in order to better equip them to perform their anti-terrorism responsibilities more effectively. (Training component).

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