Overview Edit

The aim of the Analysis Work File (Cyborg) is to target Internet- and ICT-driven organised crime aimed at financial gain. The scope of the work file includes among others e-banking attacks, complex phishing cases, hacking of (financial) databases. The study that regards the use of botnets is included in the File. The eventual goal is to identify active groups with links to Europe and tackle them in concerted action with the involved File members. More specifically the focus will be on the crimes defined in Articles 2-8 of the Cybercrime Convention.

The added value of the Analysis Work File is to combine the individual investigative efforts of Member States, to create a bigger picture of the threat cybercrime poses and to have combined operational action in the end.

The Analysis Work File has 21 members from EU countries although several third countries and organisations, also from the United States, have shown interest to be associated to the Work File.

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