Overview Edit

The All-Source Analysis System (ASAS) is a U.S. Army program to automate the processing and analysis of intelligence data from all sources. ASAS is a tactically deployable, ruggedized, and automated information system. It is a tactically deployable Automated Data Processing (ADP) system designed to support management of IEW operations and target development in battalions, brigades, armored cavalry regiments (ACR), separate brigades, divisions, corps, and echelons above corps (EAC).

The ASAS is a "linchpin" system in forming a seamless intelligence architecture between and across echelons. The architecture can be broken down into three major groups: sensors, processors, and communications systems. The systems within each group support simultaneous demands for intelligence and targeting information at multiple echelons. They form a seamless intelligence system that supports commanders from tactical through strategic levels anywhere across the range of military operations.

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