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Definitions Edit

Computer security Edit

An alert is

[n]otification that a specific attack has been directed at an organization's information systems.[1]
[a] formal notification that an incident has occurred which may develop into a Business Continuity Management or Crisis Management invocation.[2]

An alert is "[t]imely information about current security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits."[3]

Emergency Edit

An alert "indicates that something significant has happened or may happen."[4]

General Edit

An alert is

Search engine Edit

Search engines, like Google, allow you to specify words, phrases or tags that you want checked periodically, with results of those searches [alerts] returned to you by e-mail.[7]

Wireless Edit

An alert is a

notification[], typically in the form of a text or multimedia message, containing time-sensitive information (event details, weather, news, services updates) that are pushed to a mobile subscriber who has opted-in to receive this information.[8]

References Edit

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