Citation Edit

General Accounting Office, Air Traffic Control: Status of FAA's Host Computer Project and Related Software Enhancements (IMTEC-86-25BR; B-206887) (July 3, 1986) (full-text).

Overview Edit

Pursuant to a congressional request, the GAO commented on the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) testing and implementation of computers and related software enhancements to be installed at air traffic control centers, specifically whether the FAA was conducting performance testing before installing the new computers.

The GAO found that: (1) performance testing of the new computers was delayed and is currently scheduled to begin in August 1986; (2) the first new computer should be delivered in November 1986 and the last in December 1987; (3) the FAA has taken longer than anticipated to resolve software problems; (4) the FAA had reservations about whether the contractor would meet its testing deadline; (5) the contractor informed the FAA of additional costs to the project; and (6) operational and safety enhancements would be delayed 6 months.

The GAO believes more delays and cost increases to the project could occur.

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