Definition Edit

Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) is

[t]he collective term used for new and innovative fixed and mobile terrestrial wireless applications using bandwidth that is sufficient for the provision of a variety of applications, including those using voice and data (such as Internet browsing, message services, and full­-motion video) content. Advanced wireless systems could provide, for example, a wide range of voice, data, and broadband services over a variety of mobile and fixed networks.[1]

Overview Edit

Although AWS is commonly associated with so-called third generation (3G) applications and has been predicted to build on the successes of such current-generation commercial wireless services as cellular and broadband Personal Communications Services (PCS), the services ultimately provided by AWS licensees are limited only by the Fixed and Mobile designation of the spectrum allocated by the FCC for AWS and the service rules adopt by the FCC for those bands.

Amazon AWS Edit

"Amazon AWS infrastructure is reported to carry as much as 1% of the all internet consumer traffic in North America and on an average a third of all internet users visit an AWS powered site daily. Amazon reports having customers like Zynga, Animoto, Reddit, MySpace, Netflix, Dropbox, airbnb, Ericssons, European Space Agency, HootSuite, IBM, Mahindra Satyam, Newsweek, UniCredit,, PBS, Yelp, IMDB, Linden Lab, FourSquare, SmugSmug, Alexa, The Guardian, Farmville, Sitepoint, EventBrite."[2]

References Edit

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  2. Critical Cloud Computing - A CIIP Perspective on Cloud Computing Services, at 3.

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