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Overview Edit

The Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (ACI) Division supports and coordinates the development, acquisition, and provision of state-of-the-art cyberinfrastructure resources, tools and services essential to the advancement and transformation of science and engineering. ACI also supports forward-looking research and education to expand the future capabilities of cyberinfrastructure. By fostering a vibrant ecosystem of technologies and a skilled workforce of developers, researchers, staff and users, ACI serves the growing community of scientists and engineers, across all disciplines, whose work relies on the power of advanced computation, data-handling, and networking.

In pursuit of this mission, ACI supports a wide range of cyberinfrastructure technologies, including: supercomputers; large-scale data repositories and digitized scientific data management systems, software suites, tools, libraries and programming environments; and digital networks of various reach and granularity.

ACI also supports training programs, scholarly exchanges, and virtual organizations, to enable the productive use, sustainable maintenance, and effective governance of these systems. In these efforts, ACI collaborates with all NSF Offices and Directorates to develop models, prototypes, and common approaches to cyberinfrastructure that open new frontiers for discovery, furthering the mission of the National Science Foundation and national science and engineering priorities.

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