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Definitions Edit

General Edit

An address is

[a] designation of the location of a person's residence or workplace, an organization, or a building, consisting of numerical and text elements such as a street number, street name, and city arranged in a particular format.[1]

An address is a value that identifies a location.

Information technology Edit

An address is

  • A character or group of characters that identifies a register, a particular part of storage, or some other data source or destination.
  • A label that is assigned to a device or item of data to identify its location.

Internet Edit

There are three types of addresses in common use within the Internet. They are email address; IP, internet or Internet address; and hardware or MAC address.[2]

Telecommunications Edit

An address is the coded representation of the source or destination of a message.

References Edit

  1., GIS Glossary (full-text).
  2. RFC 1392, Internet Glossary (Jan. 1993).

See also Edit

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