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Active data collection requires a user to deliberately share personal data — for instance, when completing an online retail transaction or downloading an application on a mobile device.

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It often includes some disclosure of the use of the data being collected, although disclosures are frequently complex and written for lawyers, limiting how effective they are at conveying information to consumers.[1]

Additionally, active data collection disclosure forms can fail to divulge policies on data sharing with third parties; when a consumer enters personal information, it is not clear whether these data might become part of a digital profile on a third party site.

References Edit

  1. The latest version of the two most common browsers, Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox, offer "secure" or "private" browsing that limits cookie activity. See Microsoft, Stay Safer Online (full-text); Mozilla, Private Browsing (full-text). Other companies also help consumers track and understand data collection. See Ghostery (full-text). But this is limited today.

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