Overview Edit

The ANSI Accredited Standards Committee X9, Financial Services (ASC X9) sets data security standards for the U.S. banking and financial services industries. Presently, ASC X9 operates four technical subcommittees and 20-to-30 technical working groups that develop financial industry technical standards and guidelines. ASC X9 is the USA Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to the International Technical Committee on Financial Services (TC68) under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in Geneva, Switzerland. In this role, X9 holds the USA vote on all ISO standards of TC 68 or its subcommittees SC2, SC4, and SC7.

ASC X9 standards are widely used and recognized. Many X9 standards are either cited or required by the Federal government for use in financial procedures and transactions. In addition, X9 standards are the basis for many international standards used in facilitating global commerce.

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