Overview Edit

The Access to Knowledge for Development Center (A2K4D) at The American University in Cairo's School of Business is a regional center for scholarship, research and policy analysis on intellectual property and human development in Egypt and the Arab world.

A2K4D promotes rigorous research on legal and economic issues confronting access to knowledge, a valuable resource to academics and policymakers. The center strives to raise awareness of the A2K paradigm.

The Center is a founding member of Access to Knowledge Global Academy (A2KGA), an international collaborative initiative developed in 2009 to promote academic scholarship, research and policy analysis on access to knowledge for development around the world.

The center is also the North African Hub of the Open African Innovation Research Network (Open A.I.R.), an African network engaged in pan-African research, networking, capacity-building and policy engagement. A2K4D is also in collaboration with The Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University Law School working on research projects and undertaking joint collaborative work with The Information Society Project, Yale Law School.

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