Definitions Edit

An access network is "a combination of the last mile and second mile portions of a broadband network."[1]

Access networks

[are] primarily local portions of the network that connect end users to the core networks or directly to each other and enable them to use services such as local and long distance phone calling and various Internet-based services.[2]
include commercial cellular providers and Wi-Fi networks. These networks provide wireless network access to mobile device users that allow them to connect to the Internet and to D/A enterprise services. Mobile devices are designed to natively take advantage of any wireless network connectivity available. These wireless networks may be trusted (secure enterprise wireless network), untrusted (public Wi-Fi), or hostile (foreign telecom provider's network).[3]

Overview Edit

"These services are provided by various technologies such as satellites, including fixed and portable systems; wireless, including cellular base stations; cable, including video, data, and voice systems, and cable system end offices; and wireline, including voice and data systems and end offices. Communications traffic between two locations may originate and terminate within an access network without connecting to core networks (e.g., local phone calling within the wireline network). Communications traffic between different types of access networks (e.g., between the wireline and wireless networks) may use core networks to facilitate the transmission of traffic. Individual and enterprise users connect to access networks through various devices (e.g., wired phones, cell phones, and computers)."[4]

References Edit

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