Overview Edit

ATS-Land (ATS-L) is a module of ATS that provides for the analysis and rule-based risk assessment of private passenger vehicles crossing the nation's borders. By processing and checking of the license plate numbers of vehicles seeking to cross the border, ATS-L allows CBP officers to cross-reference the TECS crossing data, TECS seizure data, and State Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) data[1] to employ the weighted rules-based assessment system of ATS. In this way ATS-L provides, within seconds, a risk assessment for each vehicle that assists CBP Officers at primary booths in determining whether to allow a vehicle to cross without further inspection or to send the vehicle for secondary evaluation.

References Edit

  1. DMV data to support ATS-L is obtained from a government source, National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS). DMV data obtained to support ATS-L will only be used to support land border targeting applications. Access to the ATS-L application and the DMV data it uses are limited to DHS users including CBP officers and Border Patrol Agents. No other use or dissemination of DMV data will be performed by CBP.

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