Definition Edit

ADP equipment is

any device, regardless of its use, size or capacity, that performs logical, arithmetic and storage functions by electronic manipulation of data and includes any property and communication facility directly related to or operating in conjunction with such a device. . . . Types of equipment include, but is not limited to: (a) digital, analog, or hybrid computer equipment and peripherals; (b) auxiliary or support equipment such as plotters, tape cleaners, tape testers and computer performance monitoring equipment to be used in support of ADP function; (c) any equipment such as word processors that can perform or be expanded to perform ADP functions; (d) punched card machines; (e) data entry equipment which transcribes data to media capable of being input to a computer, such as card punches and verifiers, paper tape punches, magnetic tape encoders, key to tape systems, key to disk systems, magnetic character readers, optical character recognition devices, and/or other data capture devices; (f) data transmission or data communications equipment that is used in support of ADP functions such as front end processors, modems and communication transmission media; (g) computer terminals, both intelligent and nonintelligent; and (h) microcomputers and associated digital and analog peripherals.[1]

References Edit

  1. Michigan Dept. of Tech., Management & Budget, 8000 Glossary (Jan. 6, 1997) (full-text).

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