Government contracting Edit

See Acquisition Committee for E-Gov.

Music Edit

ACE is a database introduced in 1993 of all song titles licensed by ASCAP in the United States that have been performed and have appeared in any of ASCAP's domestic performance surveys, and includes copyrighted arrangements of public domain works and foreign compositions licensed by ASCAP in the United States.

For each song title, you can find the names of the songwriters and the names, contact persons, addresses and, in most cases, phone numbers of the publishers to contact if you want to use the work. For most of the titles, you'll find some of the recording artists who have made a commercial recording of the song title.

Organization Edit

See American Council on Education.

Security Edit

See Access control encryption.

See Automated Commercial Environment.

Telecommunications Edit

See Advanced communications engine

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Edit

See Automated Commercial Environment.

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