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Overview Edit

These 511 services provide information on traffic and travel conditions via the telephone (using an interactive voice response automated system) and the Internet.

DOT initiated the development of 511 Traveler Information Services by asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to set aside a three-digit telephone number nationwide for traveler information services. FCC granted this request in July 2000 and issued a rule on 511 stating that DOT's role was to "facilitate ubiquitous deployment" of these services.[1]

References Edit

  1. In the Matter of Petition by the USDOT for Assignment of an Abbreviated Dialing Code (N11) to Access Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Services Nationwide, Third Report and Order and Order on Reconsideration in CC Docket No. 92-105, FCC 00-256 (2000).

Source Edit

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